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about running there, but no one really did.

One day on a run by myself I ran
made it there and saw the nude individuals.
I was inquisitive as to what it was like to be bare on
the shore, why these folks did it. I ran to a form
of isolated part of the beach (only a coup read more...

7 months ago

Body Image Expert Gets A Lessons at the FKK Party

Guest blog written by: Shaquoya Hemmans
Body Image Pro Learns About Body Image:
Consistently keeping up with the ever changing tendencies, spa treatments, and health club work outs is hard and costly. All that within an effort for me to co read more...

7 months ago

J&F: When was the first time you were bare in a social setting?

RJ: I said, you'll need a unclothed beach, this really is how you can run it.' There were 10,000 people on this strand, and they climbed down a 300 foot cliff. It still had that component of the 60s there, surfboards, bon fires, it was a terrific read more...

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and attempt having a conversation with a complete stranger while bare. The young

man, I reasoned later, was either a gigolo-in-training or had missed his
Phoning. He was tender and good natured, low key, discretely conscious of my
awkwardness and the opportunity to help. The nicest thing he did was attest
that it w

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Nevertheless, there is one issue I've found with many of these galleries - they cover up the nude bodies. Either the people are wearing bras and under

So, let us analyze this phenomenon. Someone creates a series of pictures of many different bodies with the intent of eradicating body shame and negative body image. As if to say that all bodies are great, wonderful, perfect, blah blah blah. BUT if read more...

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A Guest Teen Nudist Private Narrative

(Guest Naturist Website About Being A Teenager and Naturism)
A Teen Naturist Is Born:
My Teen Nudist Story - Soon after arriving in London, I saw an ad in Time Out magazine asking for individuals to join a naturist club in Kent. I arrived read more...

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Beverly B. Price, The New president of AANR, fires executive director Bill Schroer. WTF?!?

This blog post was written by Jordan Blum.
Beverly B. Price of the America Association for Nude Recreation Fires Bill Schroer:
Moreover, earlier this season, the America associationFor Bare recreation had hiredBill Schroer to fill the exe read more...